Suzanne Edds & Michelle Amos

Art in the Loo

April 1 – April 30, 2014

In 1917, French Dadaist Marcel Duchamp entered a urinal in an exhibition to challenge the preconception about what art can be. The Craft(s) Gallery, 572 S. 4th St., is taking the concept a step further by hosting an actual art show in the gallery’s bathroom. “Art in the Loo” is an exhibition of new work by artists Suzanne Edds and Michelle Amos.

Edds, co-owner of Liberty Art & Tattoo, will drape the Craft(s) Gallery bathroom walls with a series of sensual images that have been printed on skin-like canvas and mounted on wood. Edds says the pieces were inspired by body parts, but she has focused so closely on specific shapes that the images have become abstract. Amos’ contributions are more utilitarian. She plans to fill the space with functional items like hand-stitched bowls filled with face scrubbies, ring dishes in spring colors, robes, and bed jackets.

Amos says the show came about because she and Edds both thought the colorful decorations and art hanging in the Craft(s) Gallery bathroom made it feel like an extension of the exhibition space. “We both love the bathroom at the gallery”, she explains. “We hope this show encourages people to look at the space, and maybe their own bathrooms, in a different way. Art really can live anywhere.”

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