Ashley Brossart

City Walks

July 7th - July 29th

Opening reception with the artist, Friday, July 7th from 6-10 pm.

‘City Walks’ July 2017

Ashley Brossart’s work is a culmination of a variety of perspectives from cityscapes to abstracted and imaginary street grids. Her influences span from her daily interactions with a growing Louisville to traveling to gather photographic imagery and experience. From street art and graffiti to the gestural influences of Abstract Expressionists, Pop Art and tricks from an Architects studio she has developed a style and point of view to capture and communicate the ever-changing landscape and evolution of a city.

This collection of work will be on view at Crafts Gallery and Mercantile through July 2017 before the artist makes headway into her next creative adventure.

Brossart has exhibited work in Louisville since before her early days as a studio tenant at the Cinderblock on Main street in 2006. Her work can be seen on display in all of the rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn at 4th and Chestnut as well as her original large scale murals in Kroger store locations in Southern Indiana, Prospect Kentucky and Germantown Louisville. Most recently, working with the non profit Save Art Space based in NYC her work is now displayed on billboards in six Louisville locations for the public to experience.

Enjoy this collection of work as you will see a changing city and familiar spots in Louisville from a variety of perspectives through the artists own original creative lens.

Artist Statement:

I create work that captures a sense of space, place and location. Many of the works have a reference to Louisville, my hometown, with a combination of influences from other locations. Through the process of collecting images from an environment I capture key areas of visual importance to renew and activate space and location inspired by elements I find most significant.

I want to dedicate this collection of work in this exhibition to my late friend, mentor and great supporter, the Urbanist and founder of Broken Sidewalk, Branden Klayko.

Branden believed in the concepts for my work in the early stages of reigning in my interest in urban thought, architecture and city-life and helped me to foster that curiosity. He was a once in a life time friend and a legend for Louisville. Much love BK.

Inspired by and remembering Branden’s impact and influence on my life and work I have reintroduced my art drop project In addition to this show. Throughout the duration of the exhibition I will be leaving pieces of art throughout the city for anyone to find. Each small piece is a detail from an image on exhibition that will lead the finder to the larger picture in effort to act as a catalyst to connect with others creating a type of impromptu community thinking about our built environment .7u.

Article link from 2011:

Brossart’s Public Art Locations:

1500 Bank Street Louisville, KY

1002 Barret Avenue Louisville, KY

7th & Congress Ally

2nd and Liberty


S. 7th St & W Shipp Ave

S. Preston St. & E. Caldwell St

S. 6th St. & W. Muhammed Ali Blvd

S. 28th St & Greenwood Ave

*2 more coming later Summer 2017

Image Gallery:

  • Brossart, City Walk

  • Brossart, City Walk

  • Brossart, _City_

  • Brossart, _New Lewis II_

  • Brossart, City Map

  • Brossart, City Walk