Valerie Timmons

Duality - The New Work of Valerie Timmons

March 1st through March 30th, 2019

*Artist Reception; Friday, March 1st from 6-9pm.

“Abstract art generates all sorts of reactions in viewers. Many are convinced they could easily produce a similar piece, and some admit to a lack of understanding and move on. Then there are those who take the time to attempt an interpretation of the artist’s vision or enjoy the opportunity to consider the artwork’s meaning in his/her own way. Others merely appreciate a focus on form and color, even if they don’t relate to its genesis.
My eyes were opened to abstraction when I took several art history classes at the university level. Frankenthaler. Rothko. Kline. Richter. Kandinsky. Miro. Their work was a revelation. And since I’ve always welcomed the challenge presented by a large, blank canvas, I experimented with several types of abstraction. A few years ago, while tinkering in Photoshop with the image of a night-lit convenience store, I hit on a combination of adjustments and filters that yielded an exciting geometric composition I thought would make a dynamite painting. So I projected the image onto canvas and began the painstaking process of transferring the design. Then I painted it, and thus began my fascination with geometric abstraction. And color! Rich, saturated color; thank you, Henri Matisse. I sought to marry such color and geometric forms, and that’s what my ‘Variations’ series is all about.
While working on the ‘Variations’ canvases, I occasionally found myself rebelling against the discipline required to render straight lines and corners every time I approached my easel. I cut loose with some freeform, spontaneous abstract paintings that are hanging with the geometric ones. They’re all part of the same process.” -Valerie Timmons

Valerie Timmons was born and raised in central Kentucky and received a BS in geology at Western Kentucky University and a JD at the Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville. Her first foray into the visual arts occurred when she received a Polaroid Swinger for her 11th birthday, and she has loved photography ever since. Most of her pictures these days are of the critters roaming and flying around her home in Crestwood, Kentucky, where she lives with her husband and their two dogs.
She took some group painting lessons in 1995, then struck out on her own. When the opportunities presented themselves, she took a few painting, photography, art history, and arts administration courses at the university level. Valerie is also the owner of Opal Grove, a small home fragrances business.

Image Gallery:

  • "Broken"

  • "Variation on Chinese Opera Masks"

  • "Variation on Sunflower"

  • "What Gives"