John King

Eyesight Series

July 6th through July, 28th 2018

Eyesight Series, New works by John King
Friday, July 6th through Saturday, July 28th 2018
Opening reception with the artist; Friday, July 6th from 6-9pm

John King has been active artist for over 20 years exhibiting his work in the US and Europe. He received a full scholarship from Berea and graduated in 2015. Recently he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that is causing his eyesight to degrade.

“The idea of going blind, regardless of being an artist, is terrifying; especially given that the State of Kentucky no longer believes affordable health care is a human right for those of us on the lower economic scale. It’s on my mind always. This is perhaps why this series is called The Eyesight Series.”

“Both my father and mother worked in glass; My father worked in art glass and was a prominent artist in Louisville in the 1980s and 90s, showing regularly at the Kentucky Arts And Crafts Foundation and Gallerie Hertz, among others; and my mother worked in industrial glass, which may be why I chose to create glass art using industrial glass techniques.”

This series of work was created using a multitude of “Cold Glass” techniques including chipping, blasting, acid etching, tinting, painting, casting, laminating, and grinding which were learned while apprenticing under his father.

The past few months the artist was in a situation without a home or stable studio space, which forced him to be resourceful in order to continue the creative process. Living out of a car with every tool he possessed, he had to take advantage of any open space available provided by friends and family.

“I worked on these pieces all over town including Okolona, Portland, Clifton, and on two occasions renting a cheap motel room in Southeastern Kentucky in order to use the small tabletop and bathtub for acid etching… It wasn’t an ideal setup, but forced me to execute the work differently, and so the finished product is often different than if I had every tool and supply I wanted at my disposal, which in the end gave me a completely unique product that I am excited about. It could have only been created under these unorthodox circumstances, and likely circumstances that could not be recreated, making a truly unique work.”

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