Kyle Bianconcini & Jenni Deamer

Paintings and Pottery

March 6 – March 30, 2015

Kyle Bianconcini and Jenni Deamer have been friends for over twenty years. They became friends when they both returned to advanced studies in art at the U of L. After leaving the university they became founding members of the Plein Air painters of Kentucky. They have enjoyed painting together each year from May to October. They also are a part of a group of artist friends who meet once a month for critiques.

In addition to her studies at the University of Louisville, Kyle has studied art in Italy and France. She has also taken numerous workshops with various prominent painters. Yearly travels provide her with inspiration and new material. She enjoys painting places that have meaning to her. Italy is particularly meaningful, because not only did she meet her husband there, but she and her family visit often to spend time with their Italian family and friends. The body of work in this show is mainly of the Tuscan region of Italy, but Kentucky and Indiana are also represented. Kyle says that she seeks to convey the sense of peace and tranquility that she feels when she visits the places that she loves.

Jenni’s interest in clay began 6 years ago. She laughed that she had worked as a painter, printmaker and pastel artist so why not as a ceramic artist. At the time she had no idea that the versatility of the clay would allow her to further explore the techniques of all of these mediums in three dimensional forms.

Jenni worked with Tonya Johnson and Wayne Ferguson to learn a little about throwing and hand-building clay. She then bought a wheel, a small electric kiln and became hooked.

Each ceramic piece is first thrown and bisque fired before it is evaluated to decide on the theme. The drawing and color is added to the surface using both glazes and underglazes. An overglaze pen is often used to further enhance the imagery. The piece is then fired again and sometimes twice. Although this is a labor intensive process, it is necessary to ensure that each piece has its own unique expression.

“I consider these pieces functional art. My satisfaction comes from knowing that I am bringing art into the everyday lives of those who use my pieces.”

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