Susan Tolliver

Menagerie : New Work By Susan Tolliver

October 5th through October 28th, 2018

*Opening Reception With The Artist; Friday, October 12th from 6-9pm*

Susan C. Tolliver is a self-taught artist from Louisville, Kentucky.  Abandoning a 35-year corporate career, Susan began working in oils full-time in 2009, when she also renovated an unused carriage house on her historic property, Pine Hill Estate in Anchorage.  Nestled among towering pines and tucked behind the rolling pasture of a Kentucky horse farm, Studio Anchorage is a classical study in dappled light and gentle shadow.  It is also the place that taught Susan, who earned a University degree in Arts Education, how to paint all over again.  Its vistas inform her brushstrokes and her color palettes weave drama through quiet scenes in delightful and unexpected ways.

Susan furthers her own journey of artistic exploration by conducting oil painting classes for three dozen adults weekly at Studio Anchorage.  She persistently explores the effects of light, color and form within her signature style. On a quarterly basis she provides in-depth workshops to the public and her students exploring the fundamentals of color theory & composition.

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