Noelle Horsfield

Curious Porcelain

September 5 – September 29, 2014

“The Curiosity Cabinets of the European Renaissance, and later of the Victorian Era, have always held my fascination. The idea of amassing a collection of objects simply because they are odd, different, or interesting appeals to my artistic inclination towards finding inspiration in the world around me. Just as the Aristocrats of Europe sought to create a theater of the world with their cabinets of wonder, so do I wish to use this collection of ceramic forms to compose a microcosm of my world and the things in it that hold meaning for me.

I was raised on a farm in Southern Ohio where I spent my time reading books, playing in the woods and riding my ponies. I have always known that I am a maker at heart and that my path in life would include making things with my hands. To this end, I attended a variety of colleges, all majoring in fine arts, as well as spending time at Haystack Mountain School of Art. My love of making things led me to try my hand at a wide variety of mediums before I finally fell in love with clay.

When my husband Scott and I married in 1997, we decided we wanted to experience living in different areas of the country, so we moved first to Northwest Indiana, then to Maine, then to Massachusetts, and finally back to Ashland, Kentucky, a small town nestled in the foothills of Appalachia on the banks of the Ohio River. We transformed our basement, with hard work and time, into a functional and inspiring ceramics studio where I now spend my days creating beautiful things.” -Noelle Horsfield

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