Patrick Donley

The Memento Series

February 6 – March 3, 2014

Artist Patrick Donley was a member of Louisville’s Zephyr Gallery for most of its 25 year existence as a cooperative. He is known for his colorful abstract mixed media paintings as well as for his more recent wall mounted, found object sculptures. His works can be found in collections across the nation from Seattle to North Carolina, and in many prominent local private and corporate holdings.

The Memento Series represents an attempt to marry his love of paint with his vast collection of objects and photos. A melding of two and three dimensions combined with a love for inventing a narrative. This series began (as have most of his recent forays in art) with a “love sculpture” for his wife Terri, which he has been creating for her for birthdays, valentines, and even an occasional Christmas gift.

The Mementos center around found old photos (usually) and evolve into a testament or imagined story that might surround the foundation image incorporating broken jewelry, bottle caps, numbers, broken eyeglass frames, etc. The evocative, even touching nature of the work carries an intimacy that is playful and inspiring.

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