Harlan Strummer Welch-Scarboro and Scott Scarboro


September 6th through September 29th, 2019

Opening reception; Friday, September 6th from 6-9pm

Father and son artists, Scott Scarboro and Harlan Strummer Welch-Scarboro share a New Albany, Indiana studio where they often swap ideas, advice and the occasional odd object needed to finish a current project. In the approach of making art, both have a passion for the 3 R’s; repurpose, recycle and reuse. Similarly, both artists receive inspiration from the assortment of materials on their eclectic palettes and create mixed media pieces, but the finished assemblages differ greatly between studio mates.
Harlan finds new life for old objects by utilizing various adhesives and hardware to join collectible bits and pieces that create surreal associations and dialog between objects. With an awareness of the important baggage certain items bring, he embraces symbolism and juxtapositions amid ingredients. His objects of choice range from vintage porcelain dolls, plastic action figures to animal taxidermy parts.
Scott’s work comes from the roots of discarded battery powered toys often found at thrift stores and yard sales. The toy is disassembled, the insides electronically manipulated and then reassembled and combined with other gadgets to produce an entirely new creature. In his work, the interaction between sound, movement and light with the materials is significant as well as audience interaction. Breaking down the barrier of art and observer, each piece is equipped with an assortment of knobs and buttons that when manipulated with gentle hands the art is affected.
The exhibit title touches on the theme of resurrecting old objects, generating a fresh purpose, a spark of excitement as well as the idea of 2 family members that are creating. Both artists demonstrate a knack for humor and play in their work, poking fun at the world, but bringing an awareness of our attachment to a material culture by breathing new life into society’s cast offs.
Re/generational is their first exhibition together.

Harlan Strummer Welch-Scarboro is a multimedia artist born in Louisville, KY now residing in New Albany, IN. He’s been a featured artist in the Good Folk Fest and Louisville’s annual $20 Art Show. He is the region’s most prolific art car artist, creator of 6 embellished vehicles. One of his creations, a customized power wheels car by the name of “Taddy Tadpole” won 2nd place contraptions award in the world’s largest art car event in Houston, TX. Harlan participated in the Little Big Show at the MacRostie Art Center in Minnesota. He provided recorded audio tracks to L/o/u/i/s/v/i/l/l/e S/o/u/n/d/s, a sound collage created by ARTxFM for the Open Source Radio project of INCUBATE Festival in the Netherlands. His work can be found in many regional private collections. Harlan Strummer has held two solo exhibitions and has been included in numerous group shows at Craft(s) Gallery.

Scott Scarboro is a multimedia artist from Louisville, KY now residing in New Albany, IN. His “Upcycle”, located on 4th and Broadway in Louisville is part of the Louisville Downtown District’s Public Art Bike Rack Program. Scarboro has exhibited at Louisville’s Speed Art Museum, SFMOMA, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, Indianapolis and was featured during Art Basel Miami at the Aqua Art Hotel. Scott Scarboro is a non-folk artist who nonetheless has participated in folk art festivals, including four juried Finster Fests from 1999 to 2002 at the Rev. Howard Finster’s Paradise Gardens in Georgia. He has given lectures and presentations at the Chicago Institute of Art, The Exploratorium in San Francisco and The Cyber Arts International Convention in Pasadena, California. He has a BFA from the University of Kentucky and an MFA from the San Francisco art Institute. His work can be found in private and corporate international collections. He’s been a schoolteacher, a lamp repairman and a prop builder for clowns at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in Venice, Florida.

Image Gallery:

  • Miss America

    "Miss America" by Harlan Strummer Welch-Scarboro

  • Thinkin' Lincoln

    "Thinkin' Lincoln" by Scott Scarboro

  • Pooh's Crystal Ball

    "Pooh's Crystal Ball" by Scott Scarboro

  • Burden of Truth

    "Burden of Truth" by Harlan Strummer Welch-Scarboro