Sean Garrison

The Fruits of Rashness

January 3 – January 31, 2014

“I paint pictures for the same reason I watch cartoons- it makes me laugh. My cluelessness about the meanings and intentions of my creations is a situation I am completely comfortable with, and the only possible insight I can offer is that when I paint I am searching for the state of mind the Japanese call Mushin; which is a state where decisions are automatic and all sense of time and space disappears. In essence I am trying to hit the target before I loose the arrow. The only way I can be sure if this happened is if I start laughing. Thanks for reading this and for looking at my work.”
– Sean Garrison

“…He is not an artist by training. And he’s not particularly interested in pioneering the formal minutiae of painting. His bitingly satiric works play with emblematic and iconic imagery from a variety of cultures and historic periods, including our own popular culture. Each is thrown into the fierce blender of his temperament and comes out startling, absurd and fresh.”

The Death of Painting Is Dead, Bruce Linn, January 2010

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