More than just machines, this section helps those new to sewing find the right needles and sergers for those all important projects. Where we can, we’ll also show you how to save money as you’re getting started.

Coverstitch Machine

The Best Coverstitch Machine in 2021

A coverstitch sewing machine is a specialty sewing machine that is mainly used to give sewing projects a professional look, as well as add overall strength and elasticity to the stitches themselves. Coverstitch sewing machines differ from standard sewing machines in that they are used primarily in addition to standard sewing machines to add decorative …

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The Best Serger in 2021

When it comes to sewing, many sewers prefer to have a serger over a sewing machine (or they may have both). Sergers, also referred to as overlocks, are great for edging, hemming, and seaming. Most will cut the edges of the cloth while being fed through the machine, making your job that much easier. If …

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