Houston Llew Spiritiles – 224 ‘Dreambound’


Glass on copper enameled art – Handmade in the USA in Atlanta, Georgia. Released in new collections for every season! View all the different variations in our image gallery. Find out more here: houstonllew.com

After the long, warm summer months, fall finds us breathing fresh, crisp air, brings a full harvest, readies us for the next season. The magic of autumn sets us on the journey to “turn over a new leaf” and dive into our passions – the family we cherish, arts we pursue, uncharted paths we take.

The new Fall Collection embraces this mystical tenor of the autumn season, when all of life is imbued with a twinge of magic. In fall, our dreams and imaginations become rooted in love and family, laughter comes easy, and every moment is accentuated by the softening sunlight and glowing, tumbling leaves.

These three new Spiritiles invite us to embody the magic of this moment, and journey with excitement toward fall. 

May your journey be light.

– Houston Llew

“Go forth boldly in the direction of your dreams.” – Henry David Thoreau

Product Description

Each Spiritile is carefully handmade using a series of intricate stencil techniques. From the beginning, Houston’s vision for his enameled artworks drew from the beauty of simplicity. He sought after an imagistic theme for his work rather than pursuing the abstract often seen in other enameled wall art. The image is just the beginning – each piece is paired with a quote sgraffitoed around the sides to create an inspiring story through words and images in glass.

The glass is applied to one side of the metal using stencils and relying on precise layering with hand sifters. The piece is only fired once. After firing, a pin is rolled over the enameled metal to form intentional crazing marks in the glass.

Spiritiles are part of the evolving story about wall art enameling. Houston traces his lineage back to Fred Uhl Ball, an artist and teacher in the mid-1970’s who dreamt of glass on metal murals and brought them to life. He took a medium focusing on small enameling techniques for jewelry and experimented in glass and metal to create wall artwork. He forged a new path that earned him a commission for a mural on a parking garage in Sacramento and then another at a local hospital.

While every piece has its own unique essence, all are created to live in community with the others, giving an eclectic collector limitless possibilities of personal expression. Spiritiles are represented in selected fine art and craft galleries across the US. To represent the line, retailers hold just the right blend of eclectic product, presence and personality.

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 1 x 6 in


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