Matt Anthony, Jordan Humbert, John King and Michael Tackett

Sound Visual(s)

August 3rd through the 31st, 2018

Sound Visual(s) 
One could say the river of creativity doesn’t follow just one path; Its waters flows in many directions. For many artists this rings true; immersing themselves in many forms of the creative arts. And this is especially true in the Louisville arts scene; from the 1980s and 90s zine era when many musicians accompanied their auditory work with booklets and posters to the DIY movement of 1990s and early oughts when bands took on every facet of merchandizing with hand screened shirts, album covers, buttons and stickers, to the digital world today with many musicians accompanying their sound with video, lasers, and light shows.   

Sound Visual(s) brings together 4 Louisville Artists who work both in the musical and visual arts.  Matt Anthony works as a DJ on WFPK and in area clubs and is the proprietor of Matt Anthony’s Record Shop on Frankfort Avenue and is also an accomplished painter. Michael Tackett is also a DJ as well as a Photographer. Jordan Humbert has gained wide recognition as the singer and guitarist for the country music group The Winger Brothers as well as for his paintings of llamas.  John King has been producing albums for 20 years in the Louisville area including the Louisville Is For Lovers series and has been showcasing his glass sculptures since 1999. 

Sound Visual(s) brings together four Louisville artists who work in both audio and visual arts in the group show on display through August 31st, 2018

Curated by John King and Dan Merrick

Opening Reception with the artists; Friday August 3rd from 6-9pm

Image Gallery:

  • "Turn The Heat Up"

    Michael Tacket

  • "Eyesight #3 Veve"

    John King