Tad DeSanto

Who, Me? Fresh Art by Tad DeSanto

September 2nd through September 29, 2016

Tad DeSanto (b. 1947) developed an interest in art in his twenties. However, he did not begin to make art in a serious way until decades later, after his retirement. In the early 2000s, friends encouraged him to offer his work for sale at a local art fair in Louisville. To his surprise and delight, the work was enthusiastically received, and he sold numerous pieces. Since that day, making art has been a much bigger part of his life.
DeSanto uses oil sticks and his fingers to paint on wood or Masonite, and he often includes a variety of other materials. His paintings and collages sometimes include words or phrases that are directly related to the visual image. Though regularly drawn from personal sources, the works are far from didactic and are often open to an array of interpretations. DeSanto’s images are always clever and among the most visually innovative to be found anywhere. –Matt Collinsworth (Nashville Arts Magazine)

“Making something from nothing is magical. When the image I have created touches another person’s heart I feel a special connection that is beyond words. I know what I do is not for everyone and that is fine with me. I do it because it takes me to another place, a place where thoughts, feelings and memories collide. I want my work to make people smile, laugh and think.” -Tad DeSanto

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