Patrick Donley

The Memento Series: Travel and Leisure

March 3rd through March 31st, 2017

People love their cars. They love to drive them, they love to wash them and they love to be photographed with them (at least they used to). The Automobile has long been a symbol of status, a source of pride, a beacon of identity, and occasionally, a thing of beauty. This has never been more true than in Post-War-Era America. This was an age when folks had money in their pockets and roads were improving. Soldiers returning from their first exposure to world travel were hungry to explore, and that they did.
This phase of my ongoing Memento Series, explores (for the most part) the relationship between between our passion for our cars, our need to travel and what we may find when we finally get there.

Patrick Donley was a member of Louisville’s Zephyr Gallery for most of its 25 year existence as a cooperative. He is known for his colorful abstract, mixed media paintings, and more recently, for his wall mounted, found object sculptures. The Memento Series represents a third side of his multiple artistic personality. Patrick’s works can be found in collections across the nation from the Pacific Northwest to the Carolinas, as well as in many prominent local private and corporate holdings.

Image Gallery:

  • KY Farm

    Patrick Donley

    mixed media on wood, 11 x 12"

  • Two Dangerous

    Patrick Donley

    mixed media on wood, 8 x 8"

  • Studio View

    Patrick Donley

    Literally-A Studio View of Mementos